Established in 1978, Nirmal Glasstech Industries is dedicated entirely to the manufacturer of spare parts for I.S. Glass container forming machines and associated equipments. Our components are used in Glass Industries and by I.S. Machine suppliers. 
 Quality Control Department

Major Equipment Used
Co-ordinate Me’asuring Machines.

Vickers & Rockwell Hardness lesters.

Talyrond Roundness Measuring Machine.

Surface Finish Measuring Equipments.

Toolmakers and Zoom Lens Microscopes.

Profile Projector with Digital Readout System.

Standards room with Digital Gauges.

In process inspection and 100% final view ensures quality parts.

 Checking Inspection Fixtures

Mould Holder Inspection Fixtures.
Mould Holder Inserts Inspection Fixtures.
Neck Ring Arms Inspection Fixtures.
Baffle , Blow Head Arms, Funnel Arms, Inspection Fixtures.
Plunger Alignment Fixtures.
Can be developed any type of Inspection Fixtures as per.
customer’s requirement.

 Designing & Development Cell

Custom Designs, industry standard parts and customer specials, N.G.I. is recognized as specialists in 1.5. Machine Parts and Variable Equipment Manufactrurer.

Equipped with latest 3D Modelling / Designing Software that supports to our CNC machine for CAD / CAM manufacturing.

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